Let’s Talk About My MRIs… And Warped Tour!

MRIs! (boo….)

So on this blog, I’ve never really talked about the MRIs I have to get every six months. Sure, I’ve mentioned it once or twice but I never really TALKED about it. And, since I had to get one a few weeks ago, I thought, “You know what? I think it’s time to talk about this god-awful test.”

Well, if you’ve never had a MRI done, you go into this room with a big, white doughnut-looking machine. There’s also a bed on rails connected to the doughnut hole so that the technicians can move you in and out of the MRI.

An MRI machine (if my description wasn’t good enough for you)

Now, before this whole BRCA mutation shenanigan, I’ve had MRIs in the past; I had to get many on my right ankle and one for my head. So, usually I either just lay there with my ankle in the doughnut or with my head in a cage in the doughnut. However, when it comes to breast MRIs, it’s completely different…

Back in December was my first out of many breast MRIs and it was a very unpleasant experience. First, you need to get an IV (which is a nightmare for me since I have TERRIBLE veins! I had to get stuck three times before the nurse could find a good vein.)because they put this dye stuff that lights up any abnormal anomalies that could possibly be cancer. Plus, the dye stuff that they put into you makes you feel queasy and  short of breath. (Well, I don’t know if that actually happens to everyone. I sure as hell hope not.)

Then, you have lay on your stomach and put your boobs into these two holes which makes them feel like a pendulum; a very uncomfortable pendulum with a hurting back because you lay there for an hour and a half.

Bottom line is that these MRIs are not fun and I hate having them.

So, about two weeks ago I had my second breast MRI and I was totally freaking out that I would have the same horrible experience like in December. But, to my surprise, it was much better….Thank God.

The nurses only poked me twice with needles. I figured out a breathing technique that helped me when the dye went through the IV. And, the MRI only took thirty minutes so my back didn’t hurt as much!  Let me tell you, this was definitely a better experience than the first and hopefully, all my next MRIs turn out the same way.

However, I guess I don’t have to worry about that too soon….

Last Wednesday, I saw Dr. Wickerham (my boob doctor if you can recall) and he said that in December, I don’t have to have an MRI because the past two have been negative and my breast exams had been good too.

Well, that was music to my ears! Boobs are doing good and no MRI in December!

Yay for good news!


Warped Tour! (yay!)

I didn’t get to blog about this but I will talk about it here. A month ago today, I went to Warped Tour with my sister, her friend, and my dad and it was definitely the best day of my summer!

I got to watch We the Kings, Motionless in White, and Sleeping with Sirens perform.  I was able to see Falling in Reverse (one of my favorite bands) from the handicapped tent (because my sister was using crutches), which had an AMAZING view! And I was able to watch and meet this band called Palaye Royale. Three things I have to say about them: fun, entertaining, and sexy…very sexy. They were so good that I bought their CD and a tank top; I’m now a big fan and damn proud to be one!

Even though I had only been out of my splint for a week at that time, I pushed my ankle to its max so I could enjoy the day.  I didn’t regret any of it!

So, for your pleasure (and because I didn’t take any pictures or videos), here are my favorite songs from those five bands. Enjoy and appreciate this wonderful music 🙂 If you like it, great! And if you don’t….sucks to be you, I guess.

(I do not own these videos. They come straight from the bands’ YouTube pages so that when you click on the video, they get more views :D)



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